About Us

Made in Australia from fresh Victoria Vegetables, Healthy and delicious, Korea Kimchi.


Since we started producing Kimchi at a small kitchen in 2002, our key foucs
has always been on making the best "healthy, delicious Kimchi" in Australia.

The most important thing to make our Kimchi is

fresh and clean ingredients. KoreanFoods P/L has been insisting

in making our kimchi with the most fresh and cleanest ingredients.

These include Victoria's non-polluted cabbages grown in high altitude cool regions,

firm and sweet white Korean radish, red pepper powder that is of high-quality,

as well as fermented shrimp paste to bring it all together.

In addition, the production process of our kimchi has continued to develop

in strict production and thorough hygiene management.

With excellent ingredients and strict processing and management,

we do our utmost to make the best "healthy, delicious Kimchi",

just as a mother would as she carefully prepares food for her family.