About kimchi

Korea Kimchi has become a representative brand of Kimchi in Australia through reserch and

development to find Kimchi cabbage and white radish suitable for Kimchi in Australia.


Features of Kimchi

Korea’s traditional kimchi is well known for maintaining a crispy and strong flavour despite being stored up to 4-5 months during winter. However, as there are many different types of cabbages in the Australian market, it was difficult for us to find a suitable one to make the Korean Traditional Kimchi in Australia.

Motive of research

One well-known type of cabbage is called Yuki which is widely grown in Australia. Therefore, we used this cabbage to produce our Kimchi, but it was identified that the Yuki cabbage contained too much water inside which resulted in the crunchy flavour of the kimchi to disappear in a short period of time.

Concentrated research
towards Kimchi cabbage seed

To find the suitable cabbage to make our kimchi, we got our own supplying farm to test 10 different types of cabbages seeds. We planted each of these seeds and analysed which of them would survive the hot weather conditions in Summer. The results showed that only two of them managed to survive and maintain a tasty flavour.

We got one cabbage seed called Matilda which was made in Korea in the past. We requested to graft the Matilda seed to the seed company in Australia and Korea. Then we got the grafted seed that was suitable to be regularly grown in Victoria, considering the factors of local climate and soil.

The best quality of Kimchi cabbage

The Kimchi cabbages grown using the Matilda seeds had similar features as the cabbages grown in the highlands (450m-750m above sea level, in cool climates) in South Korea. Unlike the watery and wasabi flavoured Yuki Cabbage, it contained a sweet, strong and crunchy flavour which we believed was the perfect ingredient to make the traditional Korean Kimchi.

Therefore, this Kimchi cabbage has been Korea Kimchi’s core ingredient in making our Kimchi products.

Effort delivering
the best taste and nutrition

For over a decade, Korean Foods has continuously made an effort to use the same high quality Kimchi cabbage and ingredients in order to produce the best taste of Kimchi for our customers.